Here you can read an article that describes Expanded Access Programs, compares them to other pathways for accessing investigational treatments, describes some of the challenges at the sponsor and site level, and lists resources which can be helpful in overcoming these challenges.

Here is a series of short videos about different aspects of EAPs

Here you can watch longer Educational Webinars containing information about EAPs

Here you can see a roadmap and step by step guide to opening an EAP at a site

Here is a list of Expanded Access Protocols which are open to enrollment

Click here for more information about the Sean M. Healey EAP Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Additional Resources for Clinicians

The information on Expanded Access provided on this page is sourced from public websites. Therefore, not all EAPs included here are endorsed by the Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Consortium®. If you have information about an EAP not listed above, please contact Carly Allen at