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ALS At Home

Barrow Neurological Institute is seeking individuals to participate in a remote research study called ALS AT HOME, enrolling under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Shefner.

In the ALS AT HOME study we hope to show: 1) that ALS patients can evaluate their own function at home, and 2) that taking frequent measures of function will improve the consistency of the tests we use.  If we can demonstrate these things, future research studies may become faster and easier to complete.

This study will involve up to 250 participants; 220 of the participants will be ALS patients, and 30 participants will be healthy individuals. To be eligible for participation, you must be between the ages of 18 and 85, have a Smart Device with Bluetooth capabilities, and have continuous internet access at home.

All of the activities for this study will take place at your home. If you are found to be eligible and are selected for the study, we will ship you the supplies you will need to take your own measurements at home. You will be trained in using the equipment via an online webinar, and you will be instructed to enter data into the study website. Total participation time for this study is nine months. For the first three months you will be asked to enter data daily (this will take approximately 45 minutes per day), and for the last six months you will enter data twice a week. After the study is over, the equipment you were given for the study will be yours to keep. Please visit our website for more information: