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Meet the Experts Webinar

The Robert Packard Center and Answer ALS will host a joint Meet the Experts webinar on Thursday, May 30 at 2:00pm.  

Jennifer Roggenbuck, MS, LGC (Ohio State University) - The Answer ALS  Research Program recently made it possible for study participants to receive their ALS gene results and incidental findings from whole genome sequencing. Jennifer Roggenbuck, an Assistant Professor and Genetics Counselor at Ohio State University, is leading the Return of ALS Results (RoAR) program and will discuss how and why Answer ALS decided to make research results available to participants.

Sami Barmada, MD, PhD (University of Michigan) - Packard Center investigator Sami Barmada, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. Driven to understand the mechanism behind ALS, Dr. Barmada will present an update on his research which uses stem cells to model ALS disease in a dish.

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