2020 Annual NEALS Meeting

September 30 – October 1, 2020

The 19th Annual NEALS Meeting was the most well attended meeting yet with over 675 NEALS members, ALS Research Ambassadors, foundation partners, company representatives, and ALS researchers in attendance. The 2020 conference was a fully virtual event that featured research updates, member presentations, an abstract poster session, a Science Symposium focused on Digital Health, a member/industry partner roundtable, an interactive “Hot Topic” session focused on Expanded Access, and virtual networking opportunities.

We received 73 abstract submissions for the 2020 Annual Meeting! Thank you to everyone who presented their research at this year’s event.

Clinical Poster Award:
Weekly home pulmonary function testing to optimize the initiation of non-invasive ventilation
Andrew Geronimo, Yojana Kanade, Zachary Simmons

Basic Science Poster Award:
Cx43 hemichannels contribute to astrocyte-mediated toxicity in sporadic and familial ALS
Akshata Almad, Arens Taga, jessica Joseph, Connor Welsh, Aneesh Patankar, Sarah Gross, Jean-Philippe Richard, Aayush Pokharel, Mauricio Lillo, Raha Dastgheyb, Kevin Eggan, Norman Haughey, Jorge Contreras, Nicholas Maragakis

UMN/PLS Poster Award:
The mitochondrial targeted peptidomimetic SBT-272 protects cortical spinal motor neurons from mutant TDP43 pathology
Mukesh Gautam, Baris Genc, Janis Kuka, Marina Makrecka-Kuka, Guozhu Zheng, Dennis Keefe, P. Hande Ozdinler

Please save the date for the 2021 Annual NEALS Meeting which will be held October 6 – 8.

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