All attendees will have access to an online leaderboard that will be tracking attendee virtual participation throughout the Annual Meeting. You can earn points by engaging with the online meeting platform. A prize will be awarded to the attendee with the most points at the end of the meeting.

Online Engagement Points

  • Registrations – 500 points
  • Daily visits – 100 points
  • Viewing pages – 100 points
  • Logging in – 100 points
  • Viewing events – 100 points
  • Clicking on links – 500 points
  • New profile activity – 100 points
  • New avatar upload – 500 points
  • New cover upload – 500 points
  • New connections – 500 points
  • New private message – 500 points

We will also be awarding an overall NEALS member site participation award. The NEALS member site with the most online engagement points and 80’s content submission points will have their membership dues waived for 2021! Individual contributions will increase the number of points your site has. The more people from your site that participate, the more points your site will earn.

80’s Content Submission Points

  • Picture of you from the 1980s – 100 points
  • Audio or video recording of a short story about something fun or interesting that happened to you in the 1980s) – 500 points
  • Video of you or your site dancing to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" – 800 points
  • Video of you recreating a famous movie or TV show scene from the 1980s – 800 points

Prizes will also be awarded to the top submissions for 80's picture, story, dance and movie/tv scene recreation. All attendees are eligible for these prizes!