From the NEALS Bulbar ALS Committee: The NEALS Bulbar ALS Committee will be conducting a group session on Tuesday, October 2, from 2-4PM, aimed at further identifying the best practice standard of care guidelines for evaluating and assessing patients with bulbar disease.

Our committee has conducted 2 symposia in the last year with a recent ALS-FTD publication outlining our summary objectives entitled, "Best practice protocol for the evaluation of bulbar dysfunction: summary recommendations from the NEALS bulbar subcommittee symposium".  We intend to finish with our summary practice parameter draft for the evaluation of bulbar dysfunction in ALS, and proceed with the creation of a formal bulbar guidelines document, as determined by evidence based criteria. We hope to continue with this project at the MNDA symposium in Glasgow, with input and assistance from our international colleagues who share a common interest in identifying the best available bulbar assessment strategies for ALS. We also hope to discuss our bulbar website and how this can best be used to further disseminate individual site research information amongst the committee members. This committee meeting is open to all NEALS members who wish to learn more about the assessment of speech, AAC and swallowing for our ALS patients.