The ALS Clinical Research Learning Institute® (CRLI) is a two-day program that empowers attendees to be strong advocates in the field of ALS by educating them on clinical research and the therapy development process. Certification as an ALS Research Ambassador® provides opportunities to influence and improve the ALS research process.

To learn more about the ALS Clinical Research Learning Institute® and what it means to become an ALS Research Ambassador®, click here watch a recording of Dr. Richard Bedlack’s presentation from the 2020 CRLI or here to watch a webinar featuring ALS Research Ambassadors.

Become An ALS Research Ambassador®

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2022 ALS Clinical Research Learning Institute® in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Please check back for announcements about future CRLI opportunities.

Meet Our ALS Research Ambassadors

There are over 500 trained ALS Research Ambassadors to date! To learn more about the projects the ALS Research Ambassadors are working on, click here to watch a roundtable discussion presented at the 2021 virtual Annual NEALS Meeting. You can also follow the NEALS ALS Research Ambassadors on Facebook.

Outreach Efforts

Outreach Efforts by NEALS Research Ambassadors Number of Each
ALS speaking engagement (fundraiser, support group, political event, etc.) 1,082
Organization of or participation in an ALS event 481
Interview (TV, radio, web or print) 122
Speaking or writing to a congressman 2,633
ALS video (YouTube, social media, webinar, etc.) 78
Creation of or contribution to a website, blog or social media page 455
Published article/column (web or print) 83
Serving on an ALS committee 367
Mentoring (PALS or CALS) 262
Other 9,208

This table shows the types of outreach efforts being undertaken by the NEALS Research Ambassadors. Through these efforts, our ambassadors are educating people living with ALS, clinicians, press and policymakers about ALS research and moving the field of ALS advocacy forward.