Educational Webinars

How Professionals Can Help the Kids in ALS Families

Speaker: Laurie B. Fieldman, LCSW, Les Turner ALS Foundation
All ALS families affect the professionals who work with them, but the most difficult to forget are often the ALS families with children. We want to help them, but the intense needs of the patient sometimes cause the grown-ups to miss the fact that their children have intense needs as well. Many professionals don't get the opportunity to work with these kids directly, but we can still help them by providing information to their parents. While there is no easy way to tell a child of any age that her/his parent or loved one has ALS, there are some guidelines to share for that painful moment, as well as guidelines for living life as fully as possible. The goal of this webinar is to share this information so that we can help arm the families with the information they need to minimize the impact on the kids in ALS families. Of course that is much easier said than done; however, it is possible and we can help.