Educational Webinars

Suppressing Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Presenters: Stanley H. Appel, MD Houston Methodist Neurological Institute and James D. Berry, MD, MPH Massachusetts General Hospital
Neuroinflammation is a major driving force in the pathophysiology of the neurodegenerative diseases ALS and Alzheimer Disease. Such neuroinflammation is characterized by alterations of the immune system - primarily the presence of pro-inflammatory macrophages and microglia, as well as dysfunctional regulatory T-lymphocytes (known as Tregs). Together these promote neuronal degeneration and contribute significantly to the debilitating clinical syndromes that compromise quality of life in ALS and Alzheimer Disease. Ex vivo expansion of Tregs restored the suppressive function and formed the basis of autologous infusions of Tregs in an FDA-approved Phase 1 study in ALS. The infusions were safe and well tolerated, and prompted a follow-up Phase 2A study of autologous infusions of expanded Tregs, presently in progress. In this webinar, Dr. Stanley H. Appel and Dr. James D. Berry will discuss how these investigations provide a promising platform for Tregs as cell therapy to treat neurodegenerative diseases.