Swallowing Resources

What is Dysphagia?

Adjusting to Swallowing Changes in ALS

Safe Swallowing: What I Need to Know

Managing Secretions and Oral Hygiene

Feeding Tubes and Nutrition

Communication Resources

The Boston Children’s Hospital ALS Augmentative Communication Program
The mission of the program is to provide comprehensive augmentative communication and assistive technology assessments, trials and training to people with ALS from the time of diagnosis through the lifespan. The program also offers training videos on particular communication strategies for people with ALS, which can be accessed here.

The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter
There are a lot of devices and strategies that can be utilized to keep communication between PALS and their caregivers clear. This resource page provides a list of products and information that may be helpful.

Communication Support for People with ALS Article
Appropriate timing of referral for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment and intervention is an important clinical decision-making issue.
Neurology Research International, Volume 2011, Article ID 714693

AAC for ALS Research Articles