The ALS guide to PT and OT was created by the NEALS Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist Committee. The booklet can be printed and shared by those providing clinical care for people with ALS.

ALS: a Guide to PT and OT

To print the guide, we recommend selecting the "booklet" option. If you do not see the booklet option, you can print two pages per sheet for pages 2-23 and print the front and back cover single sided. If you do not see the booklet option and you would like to print the guide as a booklet, please email Katherine Burke at Katherine.Burke@MGH.HARVARD.EDU for an alternative format.

The following stretching tips were provided by Physical Therapists at Massachusetts General Hospital:

Independent Stretching Brochure

Independent Stretching Tutorial Video

Assisted Stretching Brochure

Assisted Stretching Tutorial Video

Shoulder Health Exercises Brochure